Metal Roofing Colors – Interactive

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Change the roofing colors to get an idea of what your home might look like.

Metal roofing colors are not very limited these days, as you can see in the color chart below. Choosing a color is a lot more exciting when you have many roofing colors to choose from. As a result, you know your home will look overall quite different even between the slightest variations of color. So, we hope this interactive color chart will help you get a picture of what your home could look like with your new metal roof.

When it comes to quality metal roofing colors, the paint system is the main determining factor. Therefore, we strive to provide our customers with the absolute best products available. Unlike other metal roofing manufacturers who use multiple paint systems, we only use the best.

The industry’s best silicone-modified polyester coil coating system

Residential Metal Roofing and Metal Roofing for Commercial Buildings benefit by using the industry’s best silicone-modified polyester coil coating system. A silicone-protected polyester coil coating system designed exclusively for the metal construction industry offers superior color stability. Being first primed for durability and superior resistance to UV sun exposure and moisture it also is abrasion resistant. The topcoat retains its gloss and has the best color stability, is chalk and fade resistant, and is the industry’s best and strongest SMP coil coating system.

Click a color chip below to change the color.

Standard Colors

*Colors are simulated and may appear different on your screen
Bright Red Metal Roofing Color
Bright Red
Barn Red Metal Roofing Color
Barn Red
Dark Red Metal Roofing Color
Dark Red
Fern Green Metal Roofing Color
Fern Green
Forest Green Metal Roofing Color
Forest Green
Southern Green Metal Roofing Color
Southern Green
Hawaiian Blue Metal Roofing Color
Hawaiian Blue
Regal Blue Metal Roofing Color
Regal Blue
Burgundy Metal Roofing Color
Brown Metal Roofing Color
Koko Brown Metal Roofing Color
Koko Brown
Buckskin Tan Metal Roofing Color
Buckskin Tan
Mocha Tan Metal Roofing Color
Mocha Tan
Lightstone Metal Roofing Color
Ivory Metal Roofing Color
White Metal Roofing Color
Ash Gray Metal Roofing Color
Ash Gray
Charcoal Metal Roofing Color
Burnished Slate Metal Roofing Color
Burnished Slate
Dark Gray Metal Roofing Color
Dark Gray
Black Metal Roofing Color
Copper Metallic Metal Roofing Color
Copper Metallic
Camouflage Metal Roofing Color
Galvalume Metal Roofing Color

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