Metal Roofing Installation

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Metal roofing installation of residential metal roof systems requires underlayment, and is critical for three reasons. One reason is to keep the structure dry during the roof system installation process. Another reason is to provide redundant protection. And a third is to keep condensation on the back of the roof panels from saturating roof substrates.

30 lb. asphalt saturated felt was the standard underlayment beneath metal roofing for many years.  However, many contractors have switched to newer synthetic underlayments which are lightweight and offer more coverage per roll. Customers can also use self-adhering underlayments. However, it is critical that these products are always smooth rather than mineralized so as not to damage the back of the metal panels.

During metal roofing installation, the individual roofing panels are fastened together. Hence, special screws that are color coordinated with the metal roof are used and suggested. These fasteners should have a grounded washer that prevents water infiltration around the fastener.

Installation of Metal Roofing Trim

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