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Replacement windows for a new construction home or a replacement project can be a daunting task. Some may say that all windows and patio doors are the same. But there are many manufacturers and many different choices for styles and options. However, once you compare product for product and price for price, we think you’ll agree that in reality, there is only one product that stands out.

You expect a lot from your windows and doors. That’s why we do too.

For retrofit (remodeling) applications, nobody can top Wincore’s® innovation and their attention to detail. In fact, with two different series options and multiple styles to choose from, you’ll find those innovative details and unmistakable quality craftsmanship in every piece of vinyl and every piece of glass. For instance, contoured vinyl frames truly replicate the traditional appearance of wood. And Low E glass, coupled with warm-edge technology, ensures state-of-the-art modern performance and energy efficiency. After all, you wouldn’t settle for anything less. So, why would we?

Replacement windows - Wincore® Windows

Our most popular vinyl replacement window is the 5400 series by Wincore®. Below are some of the various options available with this window.

Double Hung

Double Slider

Single Hung

Double Slider



End Venting Slider

Vinyl Color Options




Grid Options




Grid Color Options





Decorative Glass Options


Tinted Grey

Tinted Bronze

Want to know about the price?

For a free window and door estimate, or to locate a contractor in your area at no cost, call us at 800-892-2028.

Click here for 5400 series Literature

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