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Wincore Doors will give a wonderful first impression to your home and you never get a second chance at one.

That’s why Wincore® Doors & Entry Systems are thoughtfully designed with enhanced details to greet your guests with classic elegance and style.


Wincore® prides itself in delivering doors that feature only top quality construction. Wincore makes their doors with the finest materials. Your purchase is backed by our Lifetime Limited Transferable Warranty.


Your security and safety is one of our main concerns. That’s why we choose to utilize only the most respected names in hardware like Schlage™ for all handle sets and locking mechanisms.

Energy Efficient Doors

Today, energy efficiency is more important than ever. Because of this, Wincore® Doors & Entry Systems are ENERGY STAR qualified.

Decorative Glass

Decorative glass achieves visual character through aesthetic imperfections that mimic hand-made sheet glass of centuries past – each exhibiting textural waves and striations, air bubbles and a variety of other natural effects.

• Low maintenance
• Resistance to wear, splitting and impact
• Excellent nail and screw holding strength
• Great paint, stain and glue adhesion
• Can be installed below grade or to masonry
• Does not promote mold or mildew
• Moisture and termite proof material
• Lifetime warranty for rot, decay and insects

Wincore Doors & Entry Systems

Wincore doors are skillfully designed. The processes at their facility are streamlined for efficiency but still allows handcrafted detailing of the doors. There are larger facilities who push large productions through but Wincore concentrates on quality built products created with experience and care.

Composite Rot-Free Polyfiber Door Frames do not deteriorate like wood frames nor do they rust like metal doors. Because they are moisture resistant as well as insect resistant, it would take a lot for this type of construction to fail.  Customers can buy a great and innovative new alternative that lasts years after wooden door frames fail from rotting and splintering.  This is a standard feature for Wincore fiberglass entry doors and gives you a low maintenance product that you can be proud of.

Look through the brochure linked below to find your perfect doors.

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Wincore Doors are available with Sidelites, as French double doors and as Patio doors too.  Sidelites are installed because of their great looks.  Customers may need to just modify a door to its opening rather than modifying the opening itself.  Mullions are placed between the door and sidelites.  Mullions are also made up of the same composite materials as the door jambs.  They ensure a perfect fit and are long lasting.

The French double doors use an astragal that is pre-assembled into the door frame. This locks at the top and bottom to keep one door locked closed or you can keep it unlocked so they both swing freely upon opening and closing.

Two and Three Panel Patio Doors are available.  With these configurations one or two panels will remain fixed.  They are available with any of the decorative patterns of Full Lite door styles.

Wincore Doors

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