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Advantage of Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding information is normally written as controversial.  Issues surrounding this type of exterior covering are usually due to non greenhouse norms. It has become a favorite of builders, however, due to cost efficiency and color choices for the homeowner. Aside from price, a great aspect to vinyl siding is the ease of maintenance. This exterior covering is not susceptible to rot or termites like other types of materials. It can with-stand high winds.  It can withstand significant temperature changes. And it never needs painting. While it is not maintenance free, it typically only requires an exterior washing once a year.

Installation of Vinyl Siding

Installation of vinyl siding is time consuming. However, with some patience and the acquisition of a zip tool, proficiency and excellence can be obtained. Vinyl siding information important to you is that you will need to make sure you have applied or will apply sufficient insulation to the exterior of the home. Do this before installing the panels. It is a necessity for making your home energy-efficient.

Disadvantages of Vinyl Siding

The only real draw back to using vinyl home siding is that it can not be repaired, but must be replaced. Damaging hail storms, high winds with debris, and mowing can cause damage to the panels. If you don’t repair it, moisture can accrue behind the paneling.  Needless to say, this can cause rot and mold. With the proper tools and some simple instructions repairing your home is a task that most can undertake themselves.

Styles and Types of Vinyl Siding

To begin with there are many different styles of vinyl siding to choose from. There is insulated, half round, hand split shake, dutch round smooth, cedar perfections, board batten, beaded and straight wood grain. Which type of paneling to choose depends on the look you want to achieve for your home exterior. Before beginning the project it would be very beneficial to have a general overview or idea of how you would like the finished result to appear.

Different styles will give a different appearance to your home. There are many different sizes and textures. Board and Batten vinyl siding has a rustic look to it.  With it you can get the look of cedar boards that were used on older homes. Liquid vinyl siding is the is the most maintenance free material of all the products manufactured. It reflects the heat which makes it energy-efficient.  It actually looks like paint, and is the most durable of all vinyl products available. Seamless vinyl is made like the other types of coverings; however, it does not have seams and is generally made to order.

Solid core vinyl home siding is a great choice if you are wanting the most protection from weather. It has a solid core of foam and allows it to be installed flat. This helps increase the r-value of your insulation. Vinyl Shake material has a similar appearance to wooden cedar shingle siding and is used by homeowners who want a more original feel to the appearance of their property.

Warranty and Estimates

Options are endless with vinyl siding and all material comes with a manufacture’s warranty. There are so many colors, textures and types to choose from that you are sure to fit the design you want for your structure. While this is not a task that most self proclaimed do it yourselfers will want to attempt, it is always best to consult and receive free estimates from local experienced contractors.

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